Anderson Valley Foodshed weekly update: Jan 31

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In this Update:

  • AV Farms and Products!

  • Local Beef for Sale

  • Fresh Milk Shares

  • 2019 Winter Abundance

  • Farmers Market at Winter Abundance

  • Onion Starts for Sale

  • Organic Pancake Breakfast

  • News from the Bewildered Pig

AV Farms and Products!

In the absence of our Boonville Farmers' Market, AV Foodshed would like to provide you with contact information to help you access AV products.

Farm Stands:

  • Blue Meadow Farm - at the base of Holmes Ranch Road - 895-2071

  • Brock Farms - on Goodacre off the base of Peachland - 895-3407

  • Velma's (Filigreen Farm) - on AV Way - 895-2111

  • Gowan's Oak Tree - on Hwy 128 between Philo and Navarro - 895-3353

  • Pennyroyal Creamery - on Hwy 128 in Boonville - 895-2410

  • Petit Teton - on Hwy 128 between Boonville and Yorkville - 684-4146

  • The Apple Farm - on Philo/Greenwood Road just before the bridge - 895-2333

AV Products you can access by contacting:

  • 4 Bar K Ranch (beef) -, 895-2325

  • Anderson Valley Community Farm CSA (variety of products) -, (831) 332-5131

  • Bramble Family Farm (olive oil) -, 272-8487

  • Bucket Ranch (variety of products) - 845-3851

  • McEwen Family Farm (variety of products) - - 472-9009

  • Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company (seaweed) -, 895-2996

  • Natural Products of Boonville (mushrooms & more) -, 684-0182

  • Petit Teton (canned goods, pork, beef, squab & veggies) -, 684-4146

  • Pomo Tierra Orchard (apple products) -

  • The Forest People - Radically Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation - 489-5034

  • Yorkville Olive Ranch (olive oil) -, 894-0530

Beef For Sale

Grass Fed Murray Grey/Angus cross Beef, by the 1/4

For January/February delivery

4 Bar K Ranch in Boonville, CA is offering premium grass-fed beef for sale. This is local grass-fed beef, raised in rural Anderson Valley, in Mendocino County, with no shots or hormones, just excellent, lean, grass finished beef. We raise our beef free range, organically, in a humane, safe, and stress free way. This ensures your beef is the best quality and safest meat, that is raised and sold in the right way. We sell live beef by the 1/4 then ship it to the butcher who then slaughters, ages, cuts, wraps, and freezes it before we deliver your 1/4 to you. Bones and offal are included at no cost.

Please contact me and I will send our information flyer in an email. It should answer most of your questions, but feel free to call me anytime if you're interested.

If interested please contact Dave Kooyers at (707) 895-2325.

Fresh Milk Shares

Hello Anderson Valley. Got Fresh, Golden, Cream-Top, Raw milk?

Well we do!  It is delicious and we are excited to share.  Our flexible cow herd-share allows locals to join as members of our farm and pick up milk from our farm, 2 block out of downtown Boonville.  We will also have eggs, olive oil, yogurt, cheese, and other treats available from the farm.  Please see the flyer below for more information.  Thanks and we hope to hear from you and see you on the farm soon.

raw milk.jpg

Independence with Abundance

      If you want to get prepared to walk out your door to enjoy your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs, put the 36th annual Winter Abundance Workshop on February 8th at the Boonville Fairgrounds on your calendar. Start plants with locally tested seeds from the exchange, add a graft to an existing tree, shrub, or vine, or for a few dollars buy a fruit tree rootstock and build the perfect tree styled to your own taste from your choice of hundreds of scions (a small branch of a fruiting tree that is grafted to another tree or rootstock).  There will classes in beginning and advanced grafting; hands-on grafting workshops; classes on how to build healthy soil; and saving your own seeds. Except for the rootstock, all are offered as a free public service by Mendocino Permaculture, Anderson Valley Adult School, and Anderson Valley Foodshed.  This year’s featured speaker will be author Robert Kourik talking about how to build healthy soil.          

9:00 – 4:00  Open tables – Scions, seeds, cutting exchange with selection advice from experienced locals. A Farmers’ Market, plant/tree vendors, craft sales, Donna D’Terra/Motherland Herb School and Botanical Sanctuary, and the Ukiah Seed Library will be set up.  AV Lending Library will be open for its regular hours.
9:00 -- 11:30  Hot and cold Beverages and snacks for sale from AV 4-H.
10:00 -- 2:00 Hands-on Grafting Clinics Sign up for a 45-minute class at the registration table when you come in.
9:30 – 10:30  Class – Mark Albert:  Scionology – The crash course on making your own trees & vines from scions, rootstocks, cuttings, seeds. Basics of scion selection, grafting & budding, and rootstocks. 

    10:30-12:00 Class – Robert Kourick: Good Fungi, Healthy Roots, Bountiful Trees
12–1:00 Lunch for sale – organic, mostly local by the Fair Boosters & chef Jay Newcomber
1:00 – 2:15  Class – Seed Saving Basics by Gina Covina of Open Circle Seeds
2:15 – 3:30  Class – Patrick Schafer: Advanced Grafting, Budding, Topworking Tricks, and Q & A. 

Please bring your favorite seeds, scions, cuttings, and plants to share. For much more information go to or email

Farmers Market at Winter Abundance 

We will have a Farmers’ Market at Winter Abundance at the Fairgrounds in Boonville on Sat Feb 9, 10-4.

  • Natural Products of Boonville will have a variety of exotic potatoes to plant (or eat), mushrooms, and more.

  • Angels Innovations will be there selling my wonderful medicinal salves, my body hair and skin serums, shampoo bars that I have created without the need of a plastic bottle!, soy beeswax candles, CBD tinctures and some other wonderful eclectic gifts! Come check us out! Our products have served the communities of Mendocino County for 7 years now. We are looking forward to this event! Thank you so much for your support!

  • Albion Natural Soap - A compete line of locally crafted bar soap, liquid soap and shampoo, both scented and unscented, as well as natural lip balm.  Packaged gift assortments are available.


  • AV Community Farm

  • Annie Lee

  • Bunny Bill

  • Lee Zabin

Hope to see you there!

Onion Starts for Sale 

Bunny Bill will be selling onion starts at the Feb. 9th Winter Abundance Fair.  He will have Red River, Copra and Silver Star.  Due to low demand, if you want Walla Walla or Leeks, you are strongly encouraged to call him at 895-2609.  He may not order them this year.  Get your beds ready!

Organic Pancake Breakfast

AV Grange Local Organic Pancake Breakfast Sunday, Feb 10 fro 8:30 to 11 AM featuring natural bacon or sausage, scrambled eggs and buttermilk pancakes made from Mendocino Grain Project flour. Any combination plus a gluten free version $5-10. Its a great place to meet up or just start Sunday.

Plus if you want to sing or play music for your meal, a couple of tunes puts breakfast in front of you!

News from the Bewildered Pig

It’s hard to believe almost a month has passed by since we closed for a little winter break.  It had been over three years since Daniel and I had more than one or two consecutive days off!  Our staff worked very hard over the year to make our guests feel pampered, and they, too deserved a respite!  We are so grateful for our team. We are few, we get a lot done, and we have a lot of fun doing it!
Part of our “time off” is also gearing up for the next year.  For the Chef in me, this part is the most exciting!  This year, we are working even more closely with farmers and purveyors to source as much as we can locally.  The Mendo-Lake Food Hub is an amazing organization that helps unite small farmers and suppliers with restaurants and stores. This year, we worked together over several months, contracting local farms to grow things for our new menu, which is a win-win situation for all.  This arrangement guarantees us a steady stream of local goods and provides the farmers with guaranteed orders for their products!
We asked Mendocino Meats in Redwood Valley to provide us with a steady stream of their voluptuous Pekin ducks, and we are grateful that they obliged!  480 new quackers are happily grazing in lush pastures awaiting arrival to your plate! This dish will be served as a crispy seared duck breast alongside local cauliflower puree & florets, wild mushrooms & Fortunate Farms Pok Choy…all floating in a rich duck & black garlic broth, dusted with brassica flowers!
The legs & wings are curing in herbs & spices awaiting a long, slow cook in seasoned duck fat to later emerge as duck rillettes, an old world preparation that results in a smooth, tasty “spread” to be put on crostini, served with a house made persimmon chutney, “bloomed” mustard seeds and tiny mustard greens fresh plucked from the earth!
We are excited to again partner with Mendocino Heritage Pork Company to custom cut their happy pigs for an ever-evolving pork dish that will change as we move through the different cuts.  Our opening dishes will be:  celery root and parsnip ravioli with smoked ham hock & pig feet broth and local chicories.  Next I will unveil a little labor of love: “Tete de Cochon,” a large ballantine (sort of like a big sausage) made from all of the pork trim, amply seasoned with coriander, mustard seeds and white peppercorns…studded with with roasted pig’s head and smoked belly all wrapped in its own caul fat and poached in a rich broth. This will be served with house made caraway kraut (from Irene’s Garden) & local heirloom barley.
We are using Mendocino Grain Projects artisan flours to bake all of our bread!  Emily’s seeded rye will still be on the menu! Alongside it will be warm house made brioche rolls! We’re making our own cultured butter now, whipped to perfection and topped with Pacific Flake sea salt, harvested from our own coast.  Tiny, garden grown radishes will round out your new bread basket!
The Forest People in Boonville provide delicious, organic oyster mushrooms, which we both braise and pickle…then we toss in some Pegasus Farm braising greens and a wild nettle puree!
Shamrock fresh chevre will be encrusted with local, toasted walnuts, herbs and citrus zest, then drizzled with Stella Cadente Lemon Olive oil and served with Pegasus Farm Foraged greens and local heirloom citrus segments! 
Gorgeous Washington steelhead raised in glacier water (what’s left of it), Dixon lamb osso bucco, baby turnips,  baby carrots, chicories, brassicas, & delicious cruciferousness abound!  Edible flowers, wild nettles, wild rocket & mushrooms all started arriving today, and the restaurant is alive with rich smells and the promise of many meals to come…
We invite you to join us beginning Friday, February 1 for our reopening dinner!  We will resume our Thursday Loco(l)s night on February 7.  There are many special dinners planned, and you can find a list of them on our website.  Many require prepaid reservations and tickets are already selling, so be sure to check the menus soon! 
Daniel’s spring flower show is just getting started, so keep your eyes tuned to the color as it begins to pop…
We can’t wait to feed you!  895-2088

Torrey Douglass