Anderson Valley Foodshed weekly update: Feb 21

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In this Update:

  • AV Farms and Products!

  • Local Beef for Sale

  • Feeder Piglets for Sale

  • Agricultural Family Looking for New Home

  • Silk Road Cooking Workshops

  • [Bewildered] Pig Snippets

AV Farms and Products!

In the absence of our Boonville Farmers' Market, AV Foodshed would like to provide you with contact information to help you access AV products.

Farm Stands:

  • Blue Meadow Farm - at the base of Holmes Ranch Road - 895-2071

  • Brock Farms - on Goodacre off the base of Peachland - 895-3407

  • Velma's (Filigreen Farm) - on AV Way - 895-2111

  • Gowan's Oak Tree - on Hwy 128 between Philo and Navarro - 895-3353

  • Pennyroyal Creamery - on Hwy 128 in Boonville - 895-2410

  • Petit Teton - on Hwy 128 between Boonville and Yorkville - 684-4146

  • The Apple Farm - on Philo/Greenwood Road just before the bridge - 895-2333

AV Products you can access by contacting:

  • 4 Bar K Ranch (beef) -, 895-2325

  • Anderson Valley Community Farm CSA (variety of products) -, (831) 332-5131

  • Bramble Family Farm (olive oil) -, 272-8487

  • Bucket Ranch (variety of products) - 845-3851

  • McEwen Family Farm (variety of products) - - 472-9009

  • Mendocino Sea Vegetable Company (seaweed) -, 895-2996

  • Natural Products of Boonville (mushrooms & more) -, 684-0182

  • Petit Teton (canned goods, pork, beef, squab & veggies) -, 684-4146

  • Pomo Tierra Orchard (apple products) -

  • The Forest People - Radically Sustainable Mushroom Cultivation - 489-5034

  • Yorkville Olive Ranch (olive oil) -, 894-0530

Beef For Sale

Grass Fed Murray Grey/Angus cross Beef, by the 1/4

For July delivery

4 Bar K Ranch in Boonville, CA is offering premium grass-fed beef for sale. This is local grass-fed beef, raised in rural Anderson Valley, in Mendocino County, with no shots or hormones, just excellent, lean, grass finished beef. We raise our beef free range, organically, in a humane, safe, and stress free way. This ensures your beef is the best quality and safest meat, that is raised and sold in the right way. We sell live beef by the 1/4 then ship it to the butcher who then slaughters, ages, cuts, wraps, and freezes it before we deliver your 1/4 to you. Bones and offal are included at no cost.

Please contact me and I will send our information flyer in an email. It should answer most of your questions, but feel free to call me anytime if you're interested.

If interested please contact Dave Kooyers at (707) 895-2325.

Feeder Piglets for Sale


We have heritage crosses and fair or show breeds (Yorkshire/Duroc) this winter and spring. $150 each. Quantity discounts available. 

Located in Redwood Valley.

Call Adam 707.272.5477 or email

 Agricultural Family Looking for New Home

 We would like to grow flowers, veggies, culinary herbs and other food crops. Rustic/off grid fine. We have pictures of previous gardens. Cabin, cottage, yurt/efficient house with garden/farm space.

Silk Road Cooking Workshops

Traveling the Silk Road

The Silk Road was the great spice route of the ancient world stretching from the deserts and plateaus of Western China and Tibet to the busy ports of Turkey, Greece and Venice, Italy. In three workshops we will explore the interplay of the wonderful spices and cuisines of different regions. The date of the classes and the foods we will explore are

  March 3: The foods of the Eastern Mediterranean
       Greece, Turkey, Persia, Northern Syria
  April 7:      India, Nepal and Afghanistan            
  May. 5:     Burma, Tibet and Western China   
In each class we will prepare 8-10 dishes (appetizers, soup, main dishes, bread and desert Those who have taken these classes know that it can be done in an afternoon) The workshops are limited to 20 cooks and each cook can invite a guest to share in the prepared meal at the end of the day. The cost for each workshop is $60. The workshops will take place at the Caspar Community Center and go from 1:30 until we finish clean up around 7:30. More details will be provided when you register. The purpose of these workshops are threefold: to learn about the culture of different regions thru their food; to create community by the fun of cooking together in a group; and then extend community by sharing food together with friends and family.
You can register for the workshops by contacting Marty Johnson at either or 707-964-6164. 

[Bewildered] Pig Snippets

Hopefully your Valentine’s Day/President’s day weekend was full of deliciousness!  Ours sure was, and a sold out house most of the weekend meant lots of romance and festivity was in the air! 
This week, we’re basking in the momentary sunshine~a welcome respite from the deluge we’ve had this year! 
This weekend, Anderson Valley celebrates its famed white wines!  Our incredibly beautiful area is prime for growing crisp, aromatic white wines that are full of complexity!  We are pleased to be hosting a special dinner this upcoming Saturday, featuring some of the most unique and prized wines in the Valley!  We’ll be pairing 5 courses with:  Sin Eater Pet Nat, Smith-Story Filigreen Pinot Gris, Navarro Deep End Riesling, Foursight Semillon and Husch Late Harvest Gewurtztraminer!  From local goat cheese, wild mushrooms, local rabbit & more, this will be a feast not to miss.  We have just a few seats left, so book through our website or give us a call! 
This week’s Loco(l)s night entrée:  beef & mushroom risotto with turnip greens! 
Soup this week:  Cream of mushroom with Forest People oyster mushrooms~lacto-fermented & made into a vinaigrette!  Crazy good! 
We just took delivery of over 250 pounds of primo Mendocino Heritage Pork! This week we will feature a pasta carbonara!  Housemade linguini, rich, smoked bacon & Pegasus Farm chicories!  While it lasts…likely this weekend only!  (a very special sneak peek for next week…Autumn Ehnow’s mole, made with hand harvested bay nuts and copious chilis…not too sweet. Better than what we had at Thomas Keller’s new Oaxacan restaurant!  Shhh, we won’t tell him, though!  We’ll be hand making tortillas with Mendocino Grain Project’s masa.  Plan ahead, folks!
If you don’t know, we have lots of gluten free and vegan options on our menu!  Jess makes an amazing vegan cheese for our foraged salad and also one for our Caesar salad.  We have an abundance of gorgeous radishes in our own garden that we will be featuring with the fermented almond cheese. We do mean to make you healthy while you indulge without guilt!
That’s all for now, folks!  Thanks for coming down to The TownsEnd to join us in merriment. We are truly grateful to be here!
Janelle Weaver
The Bewildered Pig
Executive Chef/Co-Owner
707-895-2088 Restaurant
707-895-3361 Office
707-315-6886 Cell

Torrey Douglass